gainsco insurance company

What does a SEO specialist do at gainsco insurance company?

Before writing SEO specialist role in Gainsco insurance company, I wanted to share some information about Gainsco insurance company.

What is Gainsco insurance company?

Gainsco insurance company is based on Dallas, Texas-based property and casualty insurance company. Basically, this company offer auto insurance.

Gainsco cover 16 states of USA, its agents are quite good to deliver best insurance service to customers.

You can check this official website:

Gainsco Insurance Company Service Areas:


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I think this is enough to know about the company. Now, we are going to describe SEO Specialist role:

As everyone know the some basic KPI of the SEO specialist, but I mention it as point here:

  1. Website Audit
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Website Content Audit
  4. Brand Building
  5. Check Google Penalty
  6. Link Audit
  7. Improve Website Visibility
  8. Make Website Search Engine Friendly
  9. Implement all latest SEO tricks
  10. Check Website Visibility on SERP
  11. Find the new opportunities

These are the points, which are comes under the SEO speciality KRI. These KPI points are not limited, as SEO specialist you can’t stop working on few steps. You always try and test your working strategy.

In terms of website visibility, you must have to perform keyword research exactly with the business.

Few keywords example for Gainsco insurance company:

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Above keywords are searched by the user to get the service. So, as SEO specialist, you must do keyword research on business services.

Website Audit:

In this process, SEO speciality will use so many SEO audit tools to identify the website issues and errors. After completing the SEO audit, he/she will work to fix all issues and make the website SEO friendly.