About Me

If you are searching for Best SEO expert in Delhi NCR, who can improve your business website organic traffic in Google? And not just to improve traffic on website also works to improve business goals. Now, you are in right place.

Let me introduce myself My Name is Harish Chandra Sharma, a SEO Expert in Delhi NCR with 7+ years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing. In past 7 years’ experience, I worked with some good digital marketing agencies some of only focusing on technical SEO and some offing complete digital marketing solution to all clients. Client can be Indian or from USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, UAE etc.

Why should you need to hire SEO expert?

In digital world, every second a new website comes over the internet. Some is blogging or other target niche and some are business website. Now, every business owners knows that, if he/she what to grow the business and cover maximum customers in the market then website must be ranked in Google SERP.

Now, here you need SEO expert. Without SEO expert your website can’t rank easily in less time. Why I say less time because any business need leads to generate revenue. Time it depends on how your business competitive and how may website are indexed in Google SERP Database.

How to choose right SEO expert

This question is asking most of the business owner. In digital marketing industry, everyone says, I am the digital marketing expert or seo expert. So this is very big question and more curious to find the legitimate SEO expert. Here I will show you few steps to find the seo expert.

  • Ask technical question which is related to your industry.
  • Don’t go with certification, check the knowledge
  • Ask brief SEO audit of the website
  • Don’t accept tool based website audit
  • Must ask recommended action to improve SEO score
  • What you miss as compare with competitor

Why should I launch my website?

 In my 7 years career experience, I found that most of SEO person does not know the technical part and why it important. And every one discuss with Google SEO update but no one tell how to recover from any Google update and what exactly Google update says.

So i think if i have the knowledge then why not to share with others. If my knowledge will help to other to get job or improve seo skills.

So if you are SEO person or business owner need SEO help, just share your details. I will solve your problem.

Don’t worries I will not charge any think for help. Just share you problem, I will help you to improve your skill or business growth.